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neighborhood, we have created a zip code based weather tool. type in your zip code and it's all there for you at nbc-d >> imagine living through this situation with no hot water. we have details on what is being done on a week as long problem. chris? >> hi, there, the town park tours has been anything but home sweet home for the hundreds of seniors and disabled people who live here and that is because when they turn on the hot water, it's all cold, so they can't bathe, they cannot san tiez properly. especially now during flu season. one of the residents ran her kitchen tap for me for about five minutes before it even got warm. far from the 110 degrees mandated by city and state code. now, according to the spokesman for the management company, the problem was a faulty boiler.
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well, the permanent fix is on order, there's a temporary boiler and employees are supposed to be going door to door testing the water temperature. the city enforcement department is watching because no hot water is a code violation. >> they cannot bathe, or clean up the kitchen or clean up the bathrooms and that could lead to all sorts of diseases, breeding and germs. >> so, if there was no hot water the management company would have 24 hours to fix the problem. but since there's just not enough hot water to get to each of the 200 or so apartments they get a bit more time. they are inside the building right now, we are not allowed in without a resident. but the residents say that they are not going door to door as they said that they were supposed to be testing the water in each apartment, instead, they are going randomly. hopefully it's solved soon, because some of the folks have not had a hot shower since january 3rd.
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>> in the east bay now, has oakland hit rock bottom? several oakland city council members are pleading for state and federal help after a violent weekend in the city. the toll since friday, four people dead and a total of 15 people shot. nbc bay area jody hernandez is there on the scene. >> some here at city hall and across the city of oakland, everyone here in the city of oakland are calling for something to be done here to curb the violence, some say it's time to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency here in oakland. that after an incredibly violent weekend, 15 shootings took place across the city over the weekend. four of them fatal and many took place in daylight. it's time for city leaders to forget about the egoes and ask
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for more help. but the police chief say they are getting help from the california highway patrol, and alameda sheriff's deputies will be hitting the streets that is after help from the atf and u.s. marti marshals office. with the violence escalating, many say it's clearly not enough. >> we have to forget the pride that some folks are kind of hesitating on asking the governor for help. and asking for a state of emergency. for me, my pride goes out the window when it's about the safety of the residents of the city. >> we have asked for and received the same level of resources that we would have had we made a formal request. we are not waiting for a formal request to happen. we are not going make a formal request, because we feel that we have been operating currently under a state of emergency.
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and the police chief said that they have determined two groups of people are responsible for most of the recent crime. they have identified those groups and are now working to bring them to justice. the chief also said if the city was to ask for a state of emergency that help that would come, would only come for at the longest a month. he said that he is looking for more of a long-term sustainable fix. not a short-term one. reporting live in oakland. jody hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. berkley firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that ripped through a single story 5-plex. one person was taken to the hospital for minor burns. fire caused $50,000 worth of damage. also, an unstable hillside is forcing the berkley lab to relocate some of the employees. these are pictures posted by a photographer on fliker. rain has created a muddy mess.
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scientists are monitoring the slide each day, soil samples taken earlier this month will determine whether the hillside will need to be shored up. >> it's a sobering sign of the times. schools will be taking part in active shooter drills. floor plans will be made available to the police departments in the coming months. under the current safety procedures during a shooting, teachers are to lock doors and prepare to evacuate. the goal of the new drills is to better protect students. >> residents of newtown, connecticut are debating what to do with the elementary school where a gunman killed 20 students and six staffers a month ago the today. people were divided whether the children should ever return to the sandy hook campus. some say it should be torn down and replaced with a memorial and others say it should be renovated and reopened as soon
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as possible. for now, sandy hook students and staff have been relocated to a neighboring town. a 16-year-old boy will be tried as an adult for opening fire in his school. he is facing attempted murder and other charges in connection with the shooting at taft union high. two people were hurt. classmates said that the hooter was bullied and rumored to have a hit list of students he wanted to shoot. vice president joe biden will deliver his recommendations on gun control to president obama tomorrow. he met with house members about ways to reduce gun violence, meanwhile the nra said that they will lobby hard to have congress block any new laws that will ban assault rifles. >> the president said he reserved the right to exercise annex active order to get new gun laws on the books. it's his last press conference of his first administration. the main topic was the looming fight over the debt ceiling saying that america is not a
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dead beat nation. mr. obama installed that he is not willing to negotiate when it's coming to raising the ceiling. if it's not raised, social security checks and benefits for veterans could be delayed. it could be harder to pay your bills now than it was a month ago. that is because uncle sam is taking an extra 2% out of everyone's check for social security. for most people in the bay area, that is about $80 a month or $1,000 a year. >> scott? >> we will do it with the help of mobile apps. now, step one if you have a mobile device. try to avoid the temptation to upgrade. there you saved your 80 dollars a month already. we have apps to show you, most of us is have to drive and spend money on gas. this app is from the yellow pages. it can save you money. helping you find gas stations and ways to change your oil and tires that are close and less expensive than whatever else is around you. lock in your favorites.
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map them out, save money. another way to save money. grocery shopping, with strategy this can shave you bucks. you can find coupons that save you money and you can map out stores. it will find them near you. another way to save money. use skype, it's on your phone or tablet, it can save you money on long distance phone calls. all of it will add up. that is what we are losing with the 2% social security hike. for overall budget helps go to they will stretch your paycheck longer and with the help of an app, one good thing is they are free. so you can put them to use. get more organized save enough money what you are losing in the 2% tax hike. >> very good tips. >> thanks.
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>> a bay area community gets a turn in the national spotlight. learn how a joke has sparked a facebook phenomenon. >> we are continuing to track the chill from the north bay to the south bay. current temperatures 48 in walnut creek and 50 in fremont. we have more on the frost advisory and freeze warning coming up. >> a new gel may help prepare damaged cartilage, helping you get back in the game. and may help to avoid certain surgeries. i will have it coming up.
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the los angeles county coroner has revised the report for natalie woods, she had fresh bruises on her arm, wrist and
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neck that likely occurred before she drowned. they cannot tell whether they were made from an attempt to get back in the boat or from the dingy. >> president george h. w. bush is back home after a long stay in the houston area hospital. he had to stay longer than excepted to be treated for a cough. the 41st president is 88 years old. and this story making international headlines late this afternoon, lance armstrong has confessed to doping. the associated press reporting that he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career. this was done during a interview with oprah ra winfrey. he apologized to staff members of livestrong. he has stronged denied doping charges for the last several years. he was stripped of his seven
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tour de france titles. the interview will air on thursday. >> and an update to a story we brought you a few weeks ago, today the national park service has painted gra fitty on one of it's own federal land marks. you will immediately recognize the message. it reads, peace, and freedom, welcome home on of the free indian land, in large red letters. that was first painted on the tower in 1969 when the prison closed and the native americans moved in for a two-year occupation. the water tower was refurbished, and a native american who was among the original occupiers helped to repaint the message. >> there was relief for commuters on the dunbarton bridge. toll lane 4 was reopened. the lane was closed from the beginning of the year, because
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of budget cuts. the closer caused a daily backup all the way to 880, it is reopened in hopes to precht traffic delays t transportation commission said they are considering making it a fast track lane. the california birth weight is dropping. that is in tonight's metal matters. new numbers hoe couples now have fewer than 2.1 children in their lifetime. that is barely enough to create growth. couples are waiting longer and longer to have children. the financial responsibility that comes with children is part of the reason. researches say that the baby bust could have a big impact on the state's workforce in the future. speaking of babies. palace officials say that the baby will be born? july. we know there's only one baby.
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coca-cola launching two tv ads today talking about links of sugar and weight gain. all of the growth in business has come from these drinks. like coke zero. it's part of a larger campaign to fight obesity. it's the padding that protects us. cartilage, prevent our bones from scraping each other, and until now there's been no easy way to repair damaged cartilage. nbc bay area shows what stanford scientists say may very well be a game changer for team with knee problems. >> this is promising news for runners and weekend warriors who are starting to have knee problems. it feels like jello and it may help mend damaged cartilage. keeping you moving and active. researches tested the new approach on a small group of
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patients. they said hydrogel shows promise in becoming the procedure to repair damaged cartilage. >> instead of lasting one year or two years, it could last five years and it may also have mechanical properties and other features that are more similar to the native cartilage, providing the patient with better function. >> here is how the gel works. it creates a scaffold for the bone marrow and cells to cling to as they grow healthy new cartilage. after six months, the patients had less pain and more durable cart length than those that used the traditional approach. the doctor said it may be just a few years until patients will be able to use in cartilage repair mechanism.
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nbc bayier news. >> thank you so much. >> let's bring in jeff and top of the news cast, we were talking about icy driving conditions. >> oh, yes. >> in the bay area, it's amazing to say that. >> no, it is wild. a lot of the drivers do need to advise extra caution. and right now we are starting off the winds instead of the temperatures because the winds are impacting how it feels outside. only three to six miles out of the west. we are seeing the winds and that is helping temperatures to feel like 40s. 48 in concord. freeze warning in effect, north bay, east bay, and south bay, it's the same areas that were under the freeze warning for the past two to three days. cover up the plants and watch the pets. we will see isolated 20s tonight. if you are driving early in the morning, brake gently if you happen to hit a patch of ice to avoid skidding and be careful on the bridges and over passes. those are the first to freeze.
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let's go outside to the live sky camera network. we have a nice picture of the sunset, some of the pollution in the lower atmosphere, creating a beautiful picture here and we will go up to san francisco and you can see a gorgeous picture here of downtown with also some very clear skies and a bit of cloud cover that, is doing little in terms of ins lating us against cold weather tonight. milder air off shore, eventually the forecast, three to four days from now, we will get warming coming your way. and right now, the upper level energy is helping to pull down the polar air that will at least give us cold mornings as we go throughout tuesday. and maybe the 20s continuing into thursday's forecast. here we go. we will start off with 27 in santa rosa. and 26 in napa, 34 in fremont, and 33 in san jose, and our coldest spot is at gilroy at an estimated 25 degrees. now that 25 will be more than ten degrees below our average
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low, but here is some good news. it's not going to be the coldest morning ever in gilroy. that happened in 1963 when gilroy topped out at 18 degrees for a morning low. there's something to make you feel not so bad about weaking up with temperatures in the mid 20s. we will see san jose top out at 56, 54 in palo alto. and dublin, 51 and 53 in heyward. and san francisco 53, and 56 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast. drew through thursday and then through the forecast, we have plenty of sunshine coming our way in the up coming weekend. it's not going to get warm or mild but temperatures will eventually bump up to the 60s here as we head throughout friday. so, definitely not a heat spell, but i think you will notice a difference as we head throughout friday's forecast. >> 60s seem boiling hot.
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>> i know, right? >> you can layout. thanks on much, jeff. what started as a talk show joke could be the fastest growing civic group in the bay area. we found this clip of "the daily show" only. he created the marin county gun control group. it maybe its way to a marin county bar that offered free fries, if you are a part of a group, knowing the group did not exist. but now someone is changing that. a facebook page has been concreted and the page has more than 500 members. it's a clearing house for north bay humor allowing marin county residents to poke fun at themselves. the 49ers, big news again, one step away from new orleans and that super bowl. the latest on how you can share in the excitement. next 6789
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. >> who do you like? >> niners of course. >> okay, i will give you that. >> i think it will be like 14 that the niners will win by. >> raj and i will discuss after the show. >> all i can say is pay up. pay up, i know my sports. >> raj thought i was over confident, turns out that the 49ers proved my right. they are getting ready to go on the road and that game will take place sunday at noon. >> between jim kozimor and i, we have 40 years of broadcasting experience and you come along and you are a expert. >> i know my niners. >> let's go vegas this weekend. >> you can take part in 49ers fever by sharing your fan photos. we have a lot in the newsroom.
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the easy west way to show your spirit is by tweeting the pictures on nbc bay area or post them on our facebook
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>> nightly news is next and then at 6:00, the president said that we will not be able to pay for essential services if we do not raise the debt ceiling. we will look at that reality check at 6:00, good night.
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on our broadcast tonight, how late is too late to get a flu shot, especially as this flu now takes its toll across the country? tonight, a status report and the doctors' advice. the apology from lance armstrong. he says he's sorry. he has apologized to the charity he formed. but what exactly is he admitting after a decade of denials. joining forces in the fight over guns one month to the day now since the tragedy in newtown. parents of the victims come together to deliver a powerful message. and fighting back against the food police. a big name enters the fray over sugary drinks and the obesity crisis in this country. and the big talk today about last night in hollywood. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. a lot of folks spent this

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